CoLab: A Improv Music Family

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to sit in on a "family meeting" to capture the Dallas-based improv hip-hop band called CoLab while they talked about what the future has in store for them and how they wish to evolve as a family. This group of multi-genre focused musicians, artists, poets and lyricists has the ability create some beautiful music on the fly while completely letting an evening's vibe steer them in different directions. I highly recommend seeing them play more than once. Every time you see them will be a different experience. It's definitely one of the few acts with this sound in town that takes complete synchronicity from everyone on stage that goes further than music. It's almost as if every member of CoLab shares the same energy or aura while making music. It's a beautiful thing. You can catch the group in action every week at their Tuesday night residency at Three Links in Deep Ellum. Till then, check out some of my favorite stills from the evening. Cheers.

Make sure you check CoLab out on Facebook to find out where they are playing next.