The Brothers of Burden Return

Some of my favorite high school memories involve me and my gaggle of drumline buddies roaming around Deep Ellum trying to make our way into clubs to see some of the rad bands playing in town (often times getting turned away at the door for being too young). Being that we had older siblings that went to Toadies shows during their high school days, we obviously wanted to check out Vaden Todd Lewis' new project, since the Toadies were separated at the time. From seeing them play for the first time at Trees with less than 30 people in the room to the sold out Gypsy Ballroom show recorded for their DVD (RIP Gypsy Tea Room), Burden Brothers were definitely a Dallas band that we all admired. The community of fans became friends, and it even almost felt like a family reunion at every show. Sadly, the bros called it quits when the Toadies decided to give it another run. 8 years later, Burden Brothers are gearing up to play a reunion show at this year's Dia De Los Toadies festival in Fort Worth. I had the pleasure of documenting their first full band rehearsal in 8 years for the bros. Check out some of my favorite stills below, and don't forget to grab your tickets and see them rock the stage again next Saturday, September 12th amongst some other rad bands.

Burden Brothers Return

You guys ready to #RYFOLAMF?! Don't miss out on our big reunion show at Dia De Los Toadies this Saturday at 6:50PM on the Main Stage.Video by Rico DeLeon

Posted by Burden Brothers on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Oh, and happy birthday, Vaden.