Mozart in the Bar

Last night, I had the pleasure of enjoying some tasty cocktails and beautiful classical music all in one place. The world-renown Alexander Kerr and amazing Lydia Umlauf from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra hosted their 3rd installment of "Mozart in the Bar" at Black Swan Saloon in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas, Texas. Kerr & Umlauf have created quite the buzz around their fun concept of bringing classical music into a bar in hopes to make it relevant to general public. So much so, there was a long line of people outside wanting to make their way inside for the intimate pop-up concert! It was a beautiful evening of classical selections performed by Kerr & Umlauf with great cocktails crafted by Gabe Sanchez and his staff. Below are some of stills I snagged during the evening. Make sure to follow them online so that you can attend for yourself next time!