Becoming Conscious at Cloud Ranch

This past weekend, my good friend, Will von Bolton, photographer and author of Loophole to Happiness, invited myself and a slew of creative cohorts to his “Becoming Conscious" creative retreat on Cloud Ranch. The ranch, which spans about 1,500 acres of gorgeous hill country terrain, nature and wildlife in the heart of Texas, has been in Will’s family for generations. It was the perfect place for us creatives to get away from big city distractions and enjoy some good ol’ fashioned fellowship amongst like-minded individuals. The ranch house made us feel like we were on some sort of Summer camp having four beds in each room and one big common room for meals and entertainment, which ultimately added to the bonding experience. Despite some rainy/snowy weather, we were still able to have quite a bit of fun. Together, we explored the land, shot guns/blew shit up, conversed about life and creativity, hung out by the fire, listened to music, drank and smoked, played games, made and enjoyed meals, and even had a team-building exercise that included a big John Deere tractor pulling out a truck that was stuck in the mud. It was quite the trip. It was great to spend the weekend with some many talented minds away from the normal city gatherings. Us city folk tend to forget that fulfillment can be found outside our home cities. I am fortunate to have been able to recalibrate with my friends. Enjoy some of my favorite stills from the weekend below. Till next time, y’all.