Creativity Came in Three

A while back a rad indie-electropop band out of Fort Worth, Texas called titanmoon hit me up to take some promo photos around their hood after seeing some photos I shot of Sarah Jaffe (AKA Young Jaffe). Any excuse to go out to Fort Worth is a good one for me, so I went out there and had a blast with those dudes. The shots turned out pretty rad, in my opinion. Check them out below.

Little did I know, the titanmoon boys had more in store for these photos. Later on I found out they had reached out to London-based "Mexican yarn bombastic," Victoria Villasana, to do her thang on some of the images. Her artwork was stellar and looks super dope. Check them out below and don't to forget stay inspired by following her on Instagram!

It's rad to have been able to unknowingly collaborate with such a great artist for a rad band from good ol' Fort Worth, Texas. Give everyone some love. Listen to titamoon's new album "Masquerade" for FREE on Soundcloud and commission some art from the very rad Victoria Villasana.

I hope 2016 has been as dope for y'all as it has for me. #Blessed. Go forth and stay inspired.