Infinite helped Bud Light launch their new Texas Bud Light products by spreading the word of the region's new packaging via twenty influential content creators based all over Texas. In this content program, we asked our creators to showcase the new Texas Bud Light in locations in their region of Texas that were iconic for other millennials in and around their city limits. By pairing the new product in authentic Texan locations and scenarios, we were able to garner hundreds of thousands of impressions and engagements through our influencer network all across Texas as well as provide the client with some rich, authentic content. Check out some of the rad content below:

Featured Creators: Carmen Peña, Christian Rutiaga, Dan Joyce, Eddie Fortuna, Jane Ko, Javier Gonzalez, Jeyson Paez, Jonathan Faulkner, Jorge Luna, Kathleen Phillips, Kathy Tran, Manny Rodriguez, Mario Villanueva, Mark Miranda, Robert Lopez, Rico DeLeon, Shaider Divina, William Wood and Zar Castillo