You may have seen TV spots featuring Amy Schumer & Seth Rogen that mock political campaigns. From February through May 2016, The Infinite Agency implemented Bud Light's national campaign "The Bud Light Party" all across the great state of Texas. From strategy to art & copy to photography & film to experiential to digital, Infinite took this campaign by the horns to make sure the good word was spread to all Texans from city to city.

I had the pleasure of creating the strategy and producing an influencer program that accentuated The Bud Light Party campaign tour across Texas. Essentially, I scoured each city stop of the tour to find and hire influential local photographers to come party and share the love for the #BudLightParty as the tour went from city to city. In doing so, I helped garner millions of impressions for Bud Light through rich, organic content via local photographers whom had anywhere from a couple thousand to hundreds of thousands of followers each. Check out some the great work below!

Campaign Photographers: Abraham Campillo, Adam Stewart, Alan Penuelaz, Daemaine Hines, Eddie Fortuna, Edgar Cuevas, Javier Gonzalez, Jay Bostwick, Jeremy Pawlowski, Jeyson Paez, John Martinez, Jonah Gonzales, Jonathan Faulkner, Jorge Luna, Joseph Dalcour, Kathleen Phillips, Kimberly Sabatino, Leo Sosa, Maritere Rice, Michael Allen, Rob Sesser, Shaider Divina, Shawn Thompson, Stacey Pumo, Steven Esparanza, Tommy Escobar and Travis Hallmark.