Photo by Adam Stewart.

The Infinite Agency aided Budweiser in launching their "AmeriCan" branding campaign for Summer 2016. I produced the content program that showcased their rebranded product in iconic locations all across the United States through the lenses of influential photographers from across the country. The goal was to show everyone that "America is in your hands." Through this campaign, we managed to spread the word of Budweiser's patriotic campaign to millions and millions of Americans via the engaging channels of said photographers from all backgrounds and styles. This program won the 2016 Silver Davey Award in the category of Content & Marketing-Co-Creation / User Generated Content. Check out some of the rad work below!

Campaign Photographers: Andrew Medieta, Armando Fragoza-Barajas, Attila Adam, Brittany Wright, Carrie Colbert, Chase Daniel, Cory Tran, David Flores, David Sadofsky, Eric Sterman, Elise Swopes, Erica Manami, Erick Urgiles, Erika Thomas, Garrett Patz, Geoff Duncan, Gerald Kestel, Gregg Boydston, Halee Edwards, Jana Rose Carrero, Jason Blaauw, Jen Jones, John Hook, Jon Trend, Jose Narvaez, Jose Tutiven, Joshua Fortuna, Jovell Rennie, Karen Lao, Kyle Huber, Lily Villencia, Marvin King, Paola Franqui, Phil Yoon, Ray Harkness, Sam Graves, Shawn Pahl, Spencer Cotton and Terry McLaughlin