Utilizing our diverse network of content creators, Infinite aided Caesars Entertainment in producing an influencer amplification experiential program to boost traffic to The Cromwell, their Las Vegas boutique hotel and casino. We invited 4 photographers and 8 fashion/lifestyle bloggers with massive audiences across the country for an experience weekend of a lifetime. While on the trip, the collective experienced first hand Cromwell’s fine dining, luxurious accommodations, gorgeous views, casino, entertainment attractions and nightlife! Content creators posted over a hundred times on Instagram and well over a thousand posts to Snapchat during the experience trip, garnering hundreds of thousands of impressions on behalf of the brand. Once the trip was completed, photographers handed over stills for the bloggers to use in their recap blogs of the weekend for their websites, which garnered hundreds of thousands more impressions across the country for The Cromwell. Check out some of the great content below!

Campaign Bloggers: Krystal Bick, Angelee & Eddie Fortuna, Chris Lin & Brock Williams, Steven Onoja, Kendi Skeen and Lauren Vandiver

Campaign Photographers: Rico DeLeon, Derrick Freske, Adam Stewart and Jonathan Zizzo