Infinite approached Pizza Hut with an opportunity to elevate and grow their social channels through different content strategies. I produced the influencer content strategy by enlisting photographers from across the country to create content that connected consumers in their perspective locations to Pizza Hut on a deeper level. By bringing Pizza Hut's products into lifestyle scenarios from mountains to suburbs to downtowns to backyards and everywhere in between, we were able to build a community through their social channels. Each photographer produced a catalog of content within a certain theme for the brand to utilized on their social media accounts. Engagement and follow-ship began to skyrocket with the distribution of this rich content that radiated well with Americans of all lifestyles. Check out some of my favorite images below.

Featured Photographers: Adam Soko, Adam Stewart, Aliciana Bowers, Atilla Adam, Carra Sykes, Eddie Fortuna, Holly Garner, Jake DeBruyckere, Jen Jones, Jeremiah Alvarez, Jeremy Perkins, Jody Johnston, John Philp Thompson III, Joshua Fortuna, Lauren Marek, Matt Allen, Matt Brock, Michael Tucker, Philip Edsel, Rob Sesser, Rico DeLeon, Runner Kim Hall, Shawn Thompson, Temi Coker, Tommy Escobar, Wesley Taylor and Will Insull