ZiegenBock, a Texas-based brewing company, approached Infinite in wants of an influencer program that could create a catalog of content for the brand to utilize as well as garner influencer impressions and engagement. I built a content strategy which utilized influential Texan photographers to create content which helped attach the brand to their passion points of Texas-based music, bars, food and exploration. With the help of these 10 photographers, we created rich, authentic content that radiated well with lifestyles that Texan millennials know all about. On top of each photographer creating a catalog of images as they saw Texas through their lenses for the brand to utilize on their social channels, each photographer spoke about their partnership with ZiegenBock through their personal channels which garnered several hundred-thousand impressions and tens-of-thousands of engagments. Check out some of my favorite images we produced below and don't forget to follow along on ZiegenBock's Instagram.

Featured Photographers: Cal Quinn, Dan Joyce, Daniel Driensky, Justin Borja, Kathy Tran, Katrina Barber, Lauren Marek, Rico DeLeon, Ryan Vestil and William Wood